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  • Given that Blisstering’s founders have a dozen startups under their belt, many startup founders recognize a kindred spirit -- we’ve never met a technology or an idea we didn’t fall in love with. (Well, -- for those who recall the dot com bust of 2000 -- does not count.)
  • Startups, especially those which are bootstrapping or have raised a limited round of angel money, have unique constraints: limited runway in which they must launch a minimum viable product which either takes them to sustainable revenue or the next funding event.
  • We work with founders on framing the strategic choices available to them given resources and time lines, and then work with them to deliver on an optimal product plan. This then takes on the form of product engineering outsourcing once the initial MVP is delivered.
  • Serial entrepreneurs have used Blisstering for multiple startups because of trust and our ability to meet tough schedules without compromising quality.