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Blisstering Solutions is a one-stop portal development provider. Our expertise allows building portal solutions that combine information access and content distribution with collaboration, workflow management and social networking mechanisms. We have developed web portal for businesses across different verticals and helped our customers meet their business objectives.

  • Knowledge Management Portal

    • A knowledge management portal integrates information, collaboration, processes, and expertise.

    • Knowledge management portals built by Blisstering have helped our customers by improving their collaboration and accountability, having a standardized data collection ability, generating useable reports and also combining multiple forms into one online system.

  • Employee Portal

    • An employee portal (also called enterprise portal or intranet portal) is a secure site where you can easily share and discuss information within your company or organization, and keep all your staff on the same page.

    • Blisstering has built employee portals that would help the customers by empowering their employees, enable them to work to the best of their capabilities, thus increasing productivity.

    • Employee portals built by us have discussion forums, collection of information, process request forms, employee directory and much more.

  • Developer Portal

    • Developer portals with social publishing features like communicating static content, such as API documentation and terms-of-use, as well as dynamic community-contributed content such as blogs and forums are increasingly being used for communication with the developer community.

    • Developer portals built by Blisstering can be used by customers to manage external, internal and partner developers.

    • This will give our customers simple ways to ¬†generate interactive API documentation, stimulate developer communities, create localized portals, compose, orchestrate and publish APIs directly from data sources.

  • Resource Portal

    • A resource portal is a place where all the resources are consolidated for customers and their users for easy access.

    • Blisstering has build resource portals across various different verticals.

  • Partner Portal

    • Partner portals are online applications that make it possible for affiliates or partners of a business to have direct access to a variety of sales and marketing resources, and also provide them with tools that are helpful in maintaining the relationship to the mutual advantage of both parties.

    • Blisstering has built partner portals that allow the partners to view product pricing, promotions and discounts, to craft their own marketing strategies, distribution strategies or logistics around those realities.

    • This will eliminate the need for our customers to answer the same questions multiple times and helps in streamlining this brainstorming process by making the internal information transparent to partners.