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Multi-Platform Integration

  • In today’s time, a web or a mobile solution alone, without any useful features cannot be of much use.

  • Third-party software solutions like ERP, CRM, Social Media, Payment gateways, blogs, etc are needed to develop a complete solution which will take care of all your needs, and thus, multi-platform integration becomes critical to our solution.

  • Blisstering, with its vast experience has have successfully integrated Drupal with a variety of other platforms and systems and geared to solve complex integration projects.

  • And this is one of the reasons why we chose Drupal, as opposed to others, because there are many modules already integrated with Drupal which are readily available. For eg. :

    • CRMs and ERPs : CivicCRM, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, SAP

    • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

    • eCommerce- Drupal Commerce, Magento, Moodle, Ubercart, Payment gateways

    • And many more.

  • After working on a variety of Drupal integration projects, our team members gained hands-on experience in solving such critical issues like sharing user base, synchronizing dual user base, scripts import, external authentication, session handling, and others.