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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a speech-based user interface in which the user listens to spoken messages and responds with key-presses or spoken commands. IVR is a technology that allows a computer to detect voice and dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) keypad inputs.

  • IVR systems are widely used to improve efficiency, reduce costs, save staff resources and add value to your business .

  • With the vast experience that Blisstering has in this field, we can help you to :

    • Analyze requirements and provide application call flow

    • Develop application based on your current IT infrastructure

    • Test IVR application scalability and user interactions

    • Enhance your current applications to include sending outbound voice or SMS notification or alerts to users who have opted in to receive alerts

    • Help you deliver multimedia content to any end point device.

  • Choosing Blisstering will benefit you in multiple ways, like :

    • Reduce cost of IVR application development by 50%

    • Proven deployment - Hosted or on premise

    • Faster time to market

    • Expertise with voice application best practices and deployments on multiple voice platform such as Envox, Avaya, Voxeo and Genesys


Blisstering offers a variety of services as a part of our Blisstering Voice Solutions suite :

  • IVR Consulting

  • Multimodal solutions Integrating IVR with other services

  • IVR Solutions / IVR system Development

    • Auto attendant

    • Telephone Notification

    • Call Center Automation

    • Bill Reminders and Collections

    • Customized IVR solutions which address your business problems

  • IVR Support and professional services

  • IVR Applications development

    • Speech applications

    • Telephone survey application

    • Outbound IVR application: Many corporations use outbound IVR applications to communicate more efficiently and effectively with their customers. For instance, a service provider can send bill pay notification or promotional messages.