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Zscaler is transforming enterprise security with the world’s largest Security Cloud built from the ground up to safely enable users doing business beyond the corporate network. Zscaler’s Security Cloud processes over 12 billion transactions a day with near-zero latency to instantly secure over 12 million users in 180 countries, with no hardware or software required. More than 4,500 global enterprises are using Zscaler today to simplify their IT operations, consolidate point security products, and securely enable their business for mobility, cloud and social media.

Case study:


As Zscaler’s business has grown, it has become increasingly important to provide services and support to their customer base through easy to access online tools. Blisstering was contracted to develop two portals from many disparate web properties that Zscaler hosted, plus provide additional services to their customers. The Help Center is an aggregation of support documents and videos, as well as an entry place for support tickets, and a listing of known internet threats. The Trust portal provides clients with a level of visibility into Zscaler’s network infrastructure, to be alerted of any performance issues and planned maintenance.


Blisstering developed both the Help Center and the Trust Portal using Drupal 7, though the Trust Portal required a more complex architectural solution. This was built as a multisite environment, as Zscaler required separate pages to monitor their different Security Clouds, while sharing one unified database. This allowed Zscaler to input and modify content, and control the display across all of their Trust portals simultaneously.


By using Blisstering’s Drupal development resources, Zscaler was able to successfully delegate these client-facing projects, while focusing their talent internally on their security infrastructure. Blisstering was also able to provide a very flexible response to any requested changes and modifications, allowing Zscaler to tweak and customize the developed product to ensure it properly met their needs.

Core Technology Used

• Drupal
• Acquia Managed Drupal Platform
• Zendesk Integration
• Cron utility for automating file transfers