Back to top is a virtual training portal created by Ross Oltorik, a former Ohio State athlete. It offers a wide range of exercise, yoga and gym classes from instructors all around the world. All instructors are certified in their respective fields.

Case study:


Everyone wants to workout, but that they want to do at their own time and at a place of their choice. Paying membership fees at clubs and gyms is wasteful unless they are utilized.


After analyzing the client’s requirements, the Blisstering team redesigned and deployed the site using Drupal and Drupal Commerce & successfully build a platform to connect instructors with their end clients

Benefits platform allows its customers to buy from its wide class offerings and easy payments. It facilitates instructors to add locations, classes and sessions. It allows financial and operations reporting.

Key Features

  • has live video streaming (One on One And Group) functionality which also supports live chat.
  • Calendar feature shows the classes by instructors and whether they are booked or available. 
  • Online Royalty payments. PayPal Adaptive is integrated which facilitates chain payments i.e. on every purchase made 6% goes to and the rest goes to the instructors.

Core Technology Used

  • Web technology: Drupal 7
  • Stack: LAMP → Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP
  • QA and PM: Selenium, Appium, Jira Confluence,
  • Integration: Opentok ( live video stream and live chat ), Paypal Adaptive Payment gateway
  • Scripting: jQuery