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Skechers Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes community to get all the latest on Grace, Sporty Shorty, Walter and the rest of the gang. You can create your own unique profile to show off your personal style and connect with friends or meet new ones that share the same interests as you. Enter easy-to-win contests with great prizes, earn credits through community participation to redeem for good stuff, create polls, get tagged because you’re creative, funny, kind, athletic or talented, or play fun games!

Case study:


Twinkle Toes is powered by Yoursphere Media, Inc. The Challenge was to build the iOS and Android Applications. All activity and interaction needed to sync for real-time, portfolio creation, connect with friends, user with same interests. User will participate in contests to win with great prizes, earn credits redeem for good stuff, create polls, get tagged.


Blisstering Solutions provided an end-to-end solution to Yoursphere Media, Inc. to cover all the aspects of Mobile App which included User’s ability to fetch all the shoes product related information, add to individual’s sphere, create and Join Spheres and manymore. The project entail mobile developers, solution architect personnel, quality assurance personnel, project management personnel of Blisstering Solutions to ensure smooth design and development to deliver a high quality app within the stipulated time of project delivery.

Core Technology Used

  • Titanium Framework