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Oh Baby! Fitness

Oh Baby! Fitness (OBF) is a national franchise offering pre- and post-natal exercise classes across the USA.  Moms take yoga, water aerobics or Pilates classes during pregnancy. After they have their baby, they can return to all the same class types (plus Stroller Workout) -- baby is incorporated into the exercise routine. Classes are designed to take moms from pregnancy through birth, and then into the toddler years with their child.  All OBF instructors are certified in prenatal and postnatal fitness, so classes are safe and fun.

Case study:


Thousands of women had taken Oh Baby! Fitness classes in and around Atlanta, and then OBF went national by launching its franchise program. It needed a flexible platform to manage its increasing franchise owner base, and ever increasing customer base. 


After analyzing the client’s needs and understanding their plans for global growth in the future, Blisstering redesigned and rebuilt their old PHP and leveraged Drupal to create an ERP for OBF, and dashboards for individual franchise owners and fitness instructors. Complex business rules were implemented to manage the national franchise operations.


OBF Platform allows mothers and mothers-to-be to purchase classes or sessions from a wide variety of options and locations, along with easy payments. It lets Operational Licensees and Licensees to add locations, classes, sessions and Instructors. It also allows Licensees, Operational Licensees and OBF National with financial and operations reporting. OBF National manages their entire business using our platform, including franchisee and Instructor payments. Since PayPal Adaptive payment was integrated, with every purchase of class a certain amount of royalty was credited in OBF National account.

Key Features

  • OBF National can add Operational Licensees and Licensees who bought their franchise
  • Operational Licensees run their own business using the same platform. They can add Instructors working for them, Locations and classes. Apart from that they can also manage revenue with different reports provided.
  • Licensees run their business on their own and teach their own classes. They can add classes, location and manage their own revenue using the same platform.
  • OBF National can monitor everyone and all classes created. They can generate a number of reports like Revenue (Monthly/Yearly/By Customers), Royalty reports, Number of Customers, Payroll every month etc.
  • Automated royalty payments via PayPal Adaptive integration which facilitates chain payments i.e. On every purchase made by customers, x% is credited in OBF national PayPal account automatically, while other intermediaries can take their cut automatically.
  • Customers have their own login and manage all the classes subscribed, maintain their payment history, etc.

Core Technology Used

  • Web/CMS: Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce
  • Stack: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Integrations: Google APIs, Sendgrid, PayPal Adaptive payments
  • Scripting: jQuery
  • Search: Apache/Solr
  • Hosting: Internal Data Center