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Occasions Planner

Case study:


The Challenge was to create website and mobile app that allows the users to access an event as a host or a guest. The same app would serve either to host an occasion or event as well as to open the event as a guest. The app has multiple features that relate to occasions’ planning. Some of the feature highlights are:-

  • Having a list of events.
  • See the guest list for events.
  • RSVP for an event.
  • See/set the table seating for an event.
  • Share photos of the event.

The one Facet to Note is that event is interchangeably used to denote occasion. A very useful feature of the app is to login via Facebook, which reduces the hassle to register via a detailed form and gives a social aspect to an app that serves a social need - occasions.


Blisstering provided an end-to-end solution. The included all the phases of the project:-

  • Requirement gathering
  • Business analysis and feature suggestions
  • Creation of wireframes and mockups
  • UX and UI designs
  • Phase split of features
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance

Post the requirement gathering, software requirements specifications document was created to guide the project ahead for the first phase of development. The 1st phase of the app is already created and live and the second phase is expected to have the features of in-app buying and also promo codes fo concessions, etc. An important process that happened in the development of this app was that there were perpetual repeat cycles of design, approval, and changes, re-design of the UI/UX aspects of the app. This ensured a clean design of the app which can be seen in the screenshots showcased on the next page.

Blisstering Value Add

  • We provided perpetual repeat cycles of design, approval, changes, re-design of the UI/UX aspects of the app.
  • Using SCRUM Agile methodology, features were distributed into sprints as they evolved and were frozen. This helped in keep up with the fast paced development and plan web and backend development to be ahead and in sync with mobile development.
  • The road map for this app is to have drag and drop features as well as in-app table seating arrangement.

Core Technology Used

  • M2seve
  • Titanium
  • Website built on Drupal7 with HTML5 Omega Theme
  • LAMP Stack