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Nube is a company based out of Mexico. It has designed an IoT device which can measure the level of a gas tank and send the digital reading to a cloud solution. Chris Gnanakone, CEO/Founder of Nube, reached out to Blisstering 5 years after we built Iphorex, a currency trading platform for him.

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Case study:


Consumers were not aware of the amount of gas in their tanks and so the ordering of gas was totally on guess work or due to fear of running out. On the other side, this was not efficient for the gas companies as they were called to refill the gas tank sometimes even when it was filled 50% or more. 

Thus there was a need to build a platform that can resolve the needs of both - the end consumer as well as the gas companies.


  • Solution was to build a dashboard for the gas companies and Mobile app for end consumers.
  • Gas company admin can now have a view of customers, their current tank levels, orders placed, etc. 
  • Using the mobile app end consumers can check gas level of tanks, place orders for gas refill which can be automated or manual and also view consumption history.


  • Mobile app for end consumers - They can know the current level of gas in the tank, and thus decide on when they want to refill it
  • Website for gas companies - Even they know which tank has less gas and thus they can send trucks to refill only those gas tanks, thus increasing their efficiency. They can even monitor the orders placed by end consumers and refill the gas. All this data will give the gas company an idea of the consumption in a particular area and this an insight into the amount of gas they are required to store there, thus saving lot of capital and operational costs. 

Key Features

  • Internet of Things (IoT) : Integration with sierra wireless cloud for managing IoT solutions
  • Multilingual Web portal
  • Multilingual Mobile app
  • SMS Gateway integration - Twilio SMS gateway
  • Google API integration and customization 
  • Headless Drupal
  • CSV upload feature to upload data
  • REST API integration
  • High Charts Integration
  • Progressive Headless integration using AngularJS
  • SendGrid mailer service integreation
  • Push Notification integreation for Andriod / iOS

Core Technology Used

  • Web technology: Drupal 8
  • Mobile Technology: Titanium
  • Stack: LAMP → Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP
  • QA and PM: Jira Confluence
  • Integration: SendGrid mailer service, Twilio SMS gateway, Google cloud messaging service, Apple push notification 
  • Hosting: Microsoft Azure
  • Scripting: jQuery, Angular JS
  • Optimization: Nginx
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop