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m2Serve is an integrated web and mobile platform to rapidly develop high performance, data-driven applications. m2Serve makes is easy for developers to extend core data and business processes, to multiple modes of deployment like web, mobile, tablet and Facebook.

Case study:


There is no visual platform to rapidly develop web and mobile solutions and yet be very easy for developers or even technical business analysts to use.


m2Serve integrates Drupal and Titanium to simplify and accelerate building complex mobile and web solutions. m2Serve is robust, industry-tested, scalable, and multi-tenant with an open architecture to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party services with multi-lingual support built-in.


  • Rapid Development – abstracts the complexity of many components like authentication, shopping cart, social networking capabilities, search, data access, data manipulation, data presentation, and enables developers to apply custom business logic with ease, significantly accelerating application development.
  • Multi-modal – create synchronous web, mobile (Android and iOS), tablet applications that deploy simultaneously. Manage changes in one place. No run-time dependencies, and no need to send a new build to the app store for each minor change.
  • Open Architecture – built on open source technologies, the platform is customizable to meet the business or functional requirements.

Key Features

  • Visual interface allows developers to use other technologies for a presentation layer.
  • The m2Serve template engine is flexible and fully customizable.
  • m2Serve provides native user experience, location-based services like native maps, geo-location and compass, integrated analytics, server to device notification, access to camera and other device level functions.
  • All web or mobile applications can be deployed in the private or public cloud.
  • Push Notifications, Geofencing, Geolocation

Core Technology Used

  • Web/CMS: Drupal
  • Mobile:
    • Titanium (iOS, Android, Window, Mobile Web)
    • Phone and tablet form factors; Google Glass
    • True Native, Hybrid, HTML5/CSS development for Mobile apps
  • Stack: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) + MEAN (MySQL, Express, Angular, Node.js)
  • Integrations: Anything with a RESTful API
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter and others
  • Scripting: Angular, Backbone, Node.js
  • Optimization: Varnish, Redis, Memcache, Yottaa
  • Instrumentation: New Relic