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Life Launchr

LifeLaunchr brought together experts to develop an online e-learning platform for high school students to interact with peers as well as with family, mentors, etc. The idea is to create an academic portal with the flavor of a social portal while making it easy for all to participate in nurturing a student with the goal of getting them to college.

Case study:


The client wanted to build a platform with LinkedIn like features but which a high school student could use. For instance, features such as Life Elements – a timeline page with stories and pics; Storyboard – a curated list of life events of the students; and Learning – quizzes and tests to help the student hone skills in subjects of their choice.


We leveraged Drupal to create a flexible platform that’s easy to administer, and where the client can run and monitor campaigns, curate content, provide support to its users (students, teachers, counselors, parents, and so on).


LifeLaunchr can now help students and families through affordable coaching and online tools for every stage of the college planning process. With this platform, students nationwide can gain access to the best coaches and mentors at affordable rates.

Key Features

  • Users can sign up for a personal coach and mentoring programs which will help get into their dream universities or colleges.
  • Create teams along with their parents and teachers.
  • Parents can review and keep an eye on their students’ progress.
  • Teachers and coaches can help students to get better at their skills.

Core Technology Used

  • Web/CMS: Drupal 7
  • Mobile: Responsive
  • Stack: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • QA/PM: Selenium, Appium, Jira Confluence
  • Social Media: Twitter, FaceBook,
  • Integration: Edmodo, Payment gateway, Sendgrid for mail, SMS gateway
  • Hosting: Acquia
  • Optimization: Varnish