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International Forum for Visual Practitioners

International Forum of Visual Practitioners is a Non-Profit which caters to a diverse group of people working in visual fields. Over the years, IFVP has grown into an international forum with hundreds of members which offers educational, marketing and networking opportunities.

Website URL:

Case study:


There were several annual conferences held for people working in visual fields, but there was not any community forum where people could go for help. Hence with IFVP they wanted to build that platform where other visual practitioners can collaborate, help each other, network.


After analyzing the client’s requirements, the Blisstering team designed and deployed the site using Drupal and Drupal Commerce & successfully created a community with hundreds of members.


With this website, IFVP has not an easy way to reach out to all their members which are located worldwide and communicate with them the various programs and events, and also other resources. Members themselves can start discussions or get help when needed.

Key Features

  • Subscription type payments using Global gateway for members who want additional functionality like posting blogs, etc.
  • Salesforce integration provides user profile data to the admin.
  • Members can have start discussions in forums or create groups.
  • Members can also create events for other members to see in their calendar.
  • Numerous resources in terms of documents, videos, etc. to share.
  • Members can have there own Gallery to upload Images and Videos.

Blisstering Value Add

  • Ability to partner with the customer, adapt to changing conditions, yet remain on time and within budget.
  • Experience in delivering complex solutions and working with large enterprises.

Core Technology Used

  • LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Drupal and Drupal Commerce
  • Salesforce integration, Global gateway for payments, Sendgrid for email
  • jQuery, HTML, CSS, SASS-Compass, Javascript