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GreenTech wanted to develop a place where they could promote and talk about Green technology. Their goal was simple to start with providing their readers and visitors with a collection of information, resources, tips and ideas about green technology. By housing everything all under one roof, they aimed to provide a convenient and easy solution for individuals looking to find out more about the diverse world of green power and technology, whether it’s for hybrid cars, wind turbines, home appliances, or anything else.

Case study:


The challenge was to build a portal which has capabilities of publishing information in various ways which includes but not limited to articles, forum threads, blog posts, etc. These posts were categories under various article categories, so finding information was easy and quick.


Blisstering created this informational site using Drupal and customized it to certain level to we could meet customer’s requirements. The output which came out was really beautiful, easy and attractive. Any visitor would take interest to spend hours in reading out information offered by GreenTech staff.

Blisstering Value Add

Including designing of the site, Blisstering took charge in developing the site so customer got a complete solution under one roof and they didn’t have to reach out to different firms for designing & development which sometimes is very cumbersome process when it comes to coordination and parallel working.

Core Technology Used

  • LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Drupal 6