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Family Siren

A digital guardian that keeps you safe by using a ‘weather-like’ prediction of the real-time safety level of each family member. The core Family Siren app functionality includes Family Locator Map, Check-in, Urgent Message, Panic Button and Emergency Plan. FS Personal Threat Level™, FS Personal Preparedness Level™ and FS Safety Preparation Actions™ are proprietary individualized metrics based on millions of data points that increase your safety by changing behavior.

Case study:


To keep track of the location of your family members on your mobile phone, today parents have to choose between Google Latitude, the freemium Life360, the expensive Location Labs products offered through Sprint, AT&T and T-mobile, or the Verizon app. There are several problems with all of these solutions: the basic map location does not accurately update quickly; User Data such as current location, location history and Third Party Data such as crime locations is simply presented as is, often as a garbled list, and there is no data synthesis to make it easier to comprehend insights; there is no active monitoring of the data to warn parents of potential dangers in real time; and there are no convenient cheap ways of communicating with family members in urgent situations.


The core functionality of showing the locations of your family on a map in the android app and website works quickly and reliably. Family Siren's data synthesis intelligently aggregates data to provide insights. For example Location History snaps-to-grid for known places such as Home or Sally's Work and multiple locations along your commute are aggregated into one Commute location. The Digital Bodyguard technology monitors user and third party data 24/7 to warn parents of potential dangers in real time. For example, if your child wonders into a dangerous part of town or is not at school as expected, parents would receive an alert. Our power button click technology allows you to quickly warn family members when you are in danger without having to take the phone out of your pocket.


Knowing that a sophisticated digital bodyguard is actively watching over the entire family 24x7 provides peace of mind, low monthly subscription provides value for money, urgent communication methods increase safety, and a reliable app with synthesized data saves time when on the go.

Blisstering Delivery Differentiators

  • Leveraging our Bravo Cloud solution to rapidly deliver web platform and mobile applications
  • Partnered with customer to product engineer the solution from ideation to launch
  • Adopted to customer's lean start-up methodology to adapt to changing conditions and rapidly build, measure, learn and build again
  • Experience in building and delivering Platform and Mobile solutions

Core Technology Used

Core Technology Used

  • Drupal 6
  • Android, J2ME
  • LAMP Stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP