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Fair Trading Tech

Fair Trading Technology is a Sweden based company founded in 2010. It is one of the leading European currency brokers.

Case study:


Foreign Exchange (Forex) currency trades 24hrs/5.5 days. Traders miss many opportunities when they are not in front of their computers. A real-time, dependable and accessible trading platform to trade foreign currency pairs, display live rates, and trading news at the touch of a finger on an iPhone and iPad. FTT needed to expand the number of channels their customers’ (banks/financial institutions) customers (retail traders) could use to trade.


The solution consisted of a Drupal-driven multi-tenant white label back-end with native iPad and iPhone apps. Key features include real-time quotes, charts, alerts and trades; integration with MetaTrader 4/5, support for the FIX protocol.


The solution we crafted helps FTT’s customers keep track of market statistics and changing trends wherever they are, thus allowing the trader to make smart trading decisions without losing critical time.

Key Features

  • Currency trades executed within 10 to 100 ms.
  • Candlesticks, Line Chart, Moving Averages to make trading decisions
  • Live streams of current news and upcoming events
  • Get alerted 24/7 when the market hits a threshold price set by users.
  • Multi-tenant, cloud-based solution to handle 10,000,000 data points per day.

Core Technology Used

  • Web technology: Drupal
  • Mobile technology: Titanium, ObjectiveC, Swift, 
  • Devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac
  • Stack: LAMP → Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP
  • QA and PM: Selenium, Appium, Jira Confluence,
  • Integration: Payment gateways, Finance modules
  • Search: Apache/Solr