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Carnaval Apps is a Brazilian based Android and iPhone application promoter. The website was built to list and promote applications relevant and targeted towards the Brazilian market. It provided a functionality for developers to submit their applications for promotion on the Carnaval Apps site.

Case study:


Searching and categorizing applications on the site with its multilingual support feature.


Drupal was used to built the entire application listing and categorization and integrated with Apache Solr for seamless searching.


Using Drupal the development time was drastically reduced and the site was built about 2 weeks with multilingual capabilities and application data for categorization.

Key Features

  • Flexible Architecture
  • Easy content promotion and administration
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Search capability using ApacheSolr

Core Technology Used

  • LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Apache Solr Search Server
  • Drupal