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California based company renowned in designing, manufacturing and distribution of consumer products related to wine, food and entertainment.

Case study:


The company was looking to increase its revenue by increasing its registered user base and game sales per month. This could be in turn achieved by identifying consumers that have an interest in wine and increase traffic to their website.


Blindwine and Blisstering team worked together to identify parameters that could be used to target relevant online consumers and create market awareness for Blindwine product. The Blisstering team then implemented socialdomo .com as a service which sends contextual tweets to users that had expressed interest on topics relating to winery. The solution was implemented within five business days.


Using Blissterings service with the client website, the client could accelerate their revenue by 100%. Users get an online destination for wine aficionados and get educated on wines.

Blisstering Value Add

  • Blissterings website implementation lowered the acquisition costs as compared to Google AdWords.
  • Implemented website targeted marketing campaigns to relevant users and thus achieved higher visitors and page view.
  • Amazon integration was implemented in the project website.
  • As a part of the SEO program, the company increased its website traffic by 300 % more visitors in 30 days.
  • Using the site, anonymous users can send an invitation for BlindWine competition party and authenticated users can create an event and invite other people to join the event as well.
  • Google contacts were integrated with this.

Core Technology Used

  • LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP Drupal
  • Drupal
  • Amazon merchant services