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Badgeville is the technology leader for enterprise gamification. Their gamification engine is SaaS-based, allowing sites and mobile apps to measure and influence user behavior.

Case study:


Badgeville’s SaaS gamification engine has frequent API updates, including new ones. Manually keeping track of all the API documentation was difficult and error prone. There was also a considerable time lag when new APIs were released and making the documentation available to developers, partners, customers. Searching the correct API documentation was also a problem as they had a huge library.


Blisstering automated the whole API documentation process using predefined JSON files. As new APIs are published or old ones updated, relevant documentation gets automatically published to the portal. Integration with Drupal taxonomy enabled autocompletion of search terms, and integration with Apache/Solr provided quick searchability.


Developers, Content writers, Marketers, Support engineers and other users saved significant time when searching for precise information. They also got the latest API details as soon a new version went live. The whole process was synchronized with the Badgeville engineering development process. The API documentation was integrated with the Resource Room to quickly navigate through Video Library, Release Notes, other collateral.

Key Features

  • Automation of API documentation
  • Integration with Drupal taxonomy enabled autocompletion of search terms
  • Integration with Apache/Solr provided quick searchability.
  • Integration with Badgeville Gamification engine to allow votes, likes, feedback, etc.
  • Trust page to show real-time status of Badgeville engine, outages

Core Technology Used

  • Web/CMS: Drupal
  • Stack: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • QA/PM: Selenium, Appium, Jira Confluence
  • Integrations: Badgeville Gamification Engine
  • Search: Apache/Solr
  • Hosting: Rackspace
  • Optimization: Varnish, Redis, Memcache, Yottaa
  • Instrumentation: JMeter, BlazeMeter