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24inControl offers alarm systems and solutions using a self-monitoring business model, in direct contrast with most other monitoring solutions in the marketplace.  While most alarm companies charge exorbitant monthly fees to provide monitoring for their customers, 24inControl leverages the internet and mobile technology, combined with monitoring hardware installed in the home, to allow customers to maintain the monitor their homes themselves.  This provides a more cost effective solution, and gives more freedom and peace of mind for the security of both the home  and family.

Case study:


To take full advantage of the self-monitoring business model, it was important for the customer to build a strong web brand and presence, where hardware and services could be sold anywhere in the country and other parts of the world.  We built a full Drupal site, leveraging Drupal Commerce, to create a site that acts as both a marketing tool to explain the benefits and advantages of the company and its products, and a storefront to purchase alarm plans and equipment, both a la carte and in bundled packages. Customers are also provided with a dedicated portal for reviewing their account, track their billing, and manage their equipment.


Blisstering constructed a full site in Drupal 7, with emphasis on implementing the Drupal Commerce module to power the store, cash register, and checkout process.  We custom created a backend system to handle the recurring payment model required for handling customer subscriptions, and integrated with Skybank’s API to process credit card transactions.


Being that 24inControl was treated as a start-up, it was important to respect the client’s limited budget to get his site online to procure sales in the shortest time feasible.  By using the Drupal Content Management system and extensive modules, we were able to meet the client’s expectations.  Blisstering’s diverse staff was also able to provide graphic design, project management, development, and quality assurance all in-house, minimizing the external vendors required and maintain an intimate level of understanding of the business and customer goals across all team members.

Blisstering Delivery Differentiators

  • Leveraging our m2Serve framework to rapidly deliver applications that are network and device independent
  • Ability to partner with the customer, adapt to changing conditions, yet remain on-time and within budget
  • Experience in delivering complex solutions

Core Technology Used

  • SmartOS 64-bit Image
  • Ruby
  • Apache
  • MySql
  • Skybank Payment Gateway Integration
  • Hosting on Joyent Cloud
  •  Drupal Commerce